5.1 Surround Sound Problem, Rear Speakers Comming Through All Channels


Nov 7, 2013
hey, i have just set up a home theater and ive been hooking my 5.1 up to my pc and my front right and left work fine, my center and sub work fine but my rear right and left are super quiet and its comes out all of the speakers at this super quiet volume, and its very distorted.

Im trying to run the 5.1 through my pink, blue and green audio jacks on the back of my pc (my mobo is a gigabyte g31m-s2l) but despite messing with everything i can and trying to update and change my audio drives, re-route channels etc. nothings working.

Can anyone please please help me? and sorry if this is in the wrong place, its my first post.
you state that everything but the rears work fine and then contradict yourself by saying that you get super low volume and distortion out of all speakers.

which is it?

as far as which plugs to use...


pink is normally a microphone port... blue is normally a line in port. unless you are running some funky type of integrated soundcard which flip flops everything around and has multipurpose ports it sounds like you have it hooked up wrong.