6 CAT 6 installed can't use with BlueRay Player


Nov 25, 2013
Bought my home in 2006 with family room theater install for TV above fireplace. Builder installed 6 RG6 cables running from TV location to lover corner of adjacent wall for "HD viewing" I asked them where is the HD capability and they said to just add RCA connectors on the ends of the coax and plug into the HDTV. I purchased the RCA connectors and plugged the coax into my HDTV - blue, Red, Green, and audio - red and white. PROBLEM: This setup works OK for Comcast HD cable boxes as they have multiple type output but does not work at all for Blue Ray Players that are HDMI out only. Any suggestions on how to get my BlueRay player to play / connect with my HDTV that is connected by coax RG6 cables through the walls, other than by just placing the player on the fireplace mantle and connecting a HDMI to it externally?


Sep 13, 2010
RG6 is a nice coaxial cable, but it is not anything like CAT6 -- totally different animals. 2006 was a lifetime ago for computer connections. As you probably know if you use Hulu or Netflix on the TV, they need an Ethernet connection.

A significant first question is whether you will stay in the house long term, if so you will probably want to upgrade your connections for the future.

Any chance that you can pull a real CAT5e or CAT6 cable back through using one of more of the old coaxial cables?

There are many options but to make a nice neat connection, I would use a whole bundle of old coax cables to pull a few Ethernet cables through today.

To answer directly, the easiest approach is to just attach the Blu-Ray player to the TV by setting it nearby and using an HDMI cable, which will work fine for now, but still leaves the future connections unsolved.
the cable is likely routed above the ceiling or through the floor. i second pulling some cat5e or cat6 or even straight hdmi through instead.

you could use wireless hdmi to attach to the tv but its more expense and you lose quality the further the range is set.

there are hdmi to rg6 conversion boxes however as far as i can find they are extremely expensive.on the other hand hdmi to ethernet cables (cat5e, cat6) can be as little as $18 or perhaps lower.

currently setting the blueray up by the television is the easiest option.
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