7 .1 versus stereo 2 channel analog output


May 8, 2011
If I watch a dvd or bluray movie only using the 2 channel analog stereo outputs of the bluray player connected to, the right and left channel inputs of, a pre-amp which is connected to a 2 channel amplifier, connected to 2 front speakers, will all the sound be heard? Or will anything be missing, like what is heard on a center channel speaker?
Henry Rancourt


Oct 15, 2007

i dont know if you know this already or not.. but, when you turn on the center channel.. the vocals leave the left and right speaker and play on the center channel.
meaning, the center channel might not be a solid signal at all.
if the left and right channels contain data with a 'prefix' or 'abbreviation' .. that little note can tell the decoder to send the information to the center channel.

same could be said for the rear speakers.
since the surround sound is a 'format' ... discrete or matrix are both possible.
IF the center channel is individual.. chances are, the only information it will contain is during a sweep from left to right .. as the center channel can provide a boost to fill in the gap between left and right.
that filling of the gap can be independantly programmed or 'noted' within the signal.

however, once the center channel is certainly independant.. it can contain information to do one of three things:
1. provide a unique soundwave to blend in with the front left and right channels
2. provide a unique soundwave to blend in with the rear channels
3. provide a unique soundwave to blend in with the rear reflection bouncing off of the rear wall.
it is also possible for the center channel to try and incorporate a unique soundwave to blend in with the early reflections of the side walls from the front speakers.

air is quite like a gas, but it is rather known as a 'field' because gases vary wildly .. and their movement characteristics of soundwaves will also vary wildly.
ANY speaker within the configuration can act as a helper to control the air.. but, those programs have to be independantly programmed.
matrix information is simply a threshold.. once the sound crosses that threshold, it will be transferred to a different speaker.

like, if you were to program a matrix.. the soundwaves would be broken down into segments or chunks.. each chunk will be given a number 0 for left, 1 for center, 2 for right.
any number between those numbers, for example 1.5 .. that is half on the front left and half on the center.

when the channels are independant.. the operation needs independant microphones !!
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