A question about the tepmerature of Intel Celeron M


Apr 10, 2008

I have a Toshibe Satellite L40 17Q laptop computer, equipped with Intel Celeron M @ 1.86 GHz, and since this is my first laptop and my first Intel CPU, I became curious about the CPU temperature.

I have not done any overclocking or something, I make sure that the air flow openings are not jammed or covered with something (the computer is almost new, it is 1 month old) and yet the CPU temperature according Everest and CoreTemp is about 60 degrees Celsius on Idle mode and about 65 - 70 degrees when loading it with e.g. Antivirus scan (with NOD32).

I think that this temperature is too high, although I made a research in Google and read an article about Intel Celeron M CPUs and there I found that their Tj is at 100 degrees Celsius.

Please tell me if the above mentioned temperature is normal and if not what could I do about it.

Thank you in advance and please excuse me if my question is too lame!
It does seem a little high to me, but there also only appears to be one small exhaust port on the laptop. The TJunction refers to the point at which the system will shut down or throttle down to prevent damage from heat. As long as you don't go near that number, you should be ok. You could try contacting Toshiba and let them know that you are displeased with the cooling solution, not sure if that will get you anywhere or anything though. You could also look into purchasing a notebook cooler if you are worried about the temps.


Apr 6, 2007
My toshiba with a 1.6 ghz celeron m gets up to 90c at idle somtimes, and on full load it get up to 115c. It will burn your leg


My intel celeron is running at 42c :)
I just cleaned the processor of dust now it works like a dragon !