ac3 too loud


Jul 31, 2006
hello ! , I have x-fi xmusic sound card connected to kenwood 100x5w receiver +2 kef cresta 10 front speakers and 2 back simple 100rms speakers, no center and no subwoofer , I configured the ac3filter to pass spdif output to my receiver directly without decoding ac3 and dts , my receiver do that and in my receiver I configured my 4 speakers and center + bass channels are playing on my front speakers , everything is fine but when I run dvd with ac3 and dts encoded the sound peaks like explosions is way too loud and voice is barely audible , I know that dynamic range of ac3 and dts is largre ,but I get very very loud peaks, I tried the x-fi's SVM technology it helps but the sound becomes no so natural , I even tried to let ac3filter to decode the sound and then pass it to receiver , but the same problem exists even when I playing with 2x2 speaker seting in ac3filter and with gains in ac3filter , please help I want to see movies :)
and another question is if this setup of mine is ok , maybe the problem is that I hav eno center or maybe I need to configure codecs on other way?
thanks for help.


Mar 17, 2006
I haven't been on the forums in awhile, and don't know what's up with the technology. anyway let see if i can help.

Just to clear things up.

You use one coax wire maybe with attachment to connect your pc to your reciever. Then set your reciever to recieve digital signal and output to 4 speakers 2 front 2 rear. right?, That's fine.

I'm not familiar with x-fi. but what software do you used to play your dvd?. It seems like your reciever is doning what it supposed to do. I'm not sure if your reciever is capable of matrixing dts 5.1 signals or higher, into quadrophonic arangement.

Try changing dts to dolby digital from your player with spdif output chosen.