Access a laptop's questionably bad HDD with USB/SATA adapter


Apr 29, 2016
I have a HDD from a HP laptop. I am using the Sabrent USB-SATA to access the drive via USB. When the external power is connected to the HDD it makes a faint, periodic, “chirping” sound. When I attach the SATA cable from the Sabrent unit, the noise stops, but the drive is not accessible.

The USB light on the Sabrent unit is lit, but the SATA light is not lit. My computer recognizes the Sabrent adapter, but the HDD attached to it is not recognized.

I know it's a good chance the drive will be inaccessible, but does anyone half any suggestions? Thanks.


The other way of testing the HDD is to try it with a different laptop or use it in a Desktop PC. If it's not being detected that means it's already a dead HDD. :( If you have another SATA to USB adapter, do test it as well just to make sure that it's not the adapter that is faulty. Lastly, try using a HDD enclosure but it's almost the same as the SATA to USB adapter.


Hi there vinceram,

I would agree with Laptop_Nerd. It would be best to attach the drive directly to SATA via SATA & power cables.(desktop machine)
If the drive continues to make these weird sounds, then there is something physically wrong with it. In that case, you will need to contact a data recovery company in order to retrieve the data. In case the HDD is under warranty, you can just RMA it.

I believe you can try using some data recovery/HDD testing tools as well. Yet, I don't believe you will be able to access the drive.