accidentally hit edge of screen now half shows pixels. screen in nor cracked. can it be replaced.


May 29, 2015
Accidentally hit edge of TV and now half of screen is full of pixels. TV was only 6 days old w no warranty. Can it (screen) be replaced.


Possibly all you have done is dislodged one of the connectors to the panel itself. Many panels are divided into two halfs.

TV repair shop might be able to investigate for you. Depending on the TV you might be able to find a teardown video.


LED and LCD Screens vary none I have worked on contain 2 Panels only how cheaply they are designed, some have replaceable Back lights and TCON boards others have them all glued together as one unit. It is highly unlikely you dislodged a connector as these are not only clipped in place but taped down. It sounds like you damaged the Display itself and a replacement will cost 3/4 of what the TV was when you purchased it originally. Check Ebay and Craigslist you may be able to find one that has other Issues you can swap parts in and out of.


It isn't that there are separate panels, they just run a cable to each part for distribution, space, and any number of reasons. I have encountered many LCD screens with this problem. No difference between an LED backlight panel and a CCFL backlight panel other then the backlight technology and power supplies. More modern panels with local dimming and other features are getting a little more complicated, but still somewhat repairable as long as the screen is intact.

Anything can become dislodged with the right application of force, and you are assuming they clipped and attached it securely. More often then not a little bit of caulking/glue is used to prevent connectors from backing out. Many QC tests will let a bad connection pass if it is making enough contact at the time of the test. (I doubt they are impact rated, they assume a certain level of care when handling)

I've had DOA monitors that just had a single internal cable come loose during shipping. And laptops catch on fire because of improperly installed cabling.


Well then the solution for him would be to tear that puppy apart and give it a look see, that would be the only real way to tell. Question here how exactly did you buy a TV new without the Manufactures warranty of at least 30 days? Was it a Display model?
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