Acer aspire 5943G dark screen - cured by forced shutdown


May 22, 2016
Every time I power up my laptop nowadays, the screen is very dark. I can just about make out the screen items, but it is unusable. This used to happen in Win 7, still happens after upgrade to 10.
I have to press the power button for 10sec to shut down, and when I restart, it is all fine. I shut down as usual and next time the same problem occurs; solved in the same way. I have adjusted all sorts of power settings, but this does not make any difference. It is the same whether or not it is plugged it to mains power.
Any thoughts from the group?
Thank you.

Please do try these troubleshooting steps that may help.
- Do clean install of the graphics card driver.
- Go to Device Manager and uninstall the graphics card driver.
- Next is to open Programs and Features then uninstall anything related to the graphics card.
- Once completely uninstalled, download and install the latest driver.
- Reboot the laptop once the driver has been installed then test it again.\
- If the same problem will persist do connect an external monitor and observe if the same problem will happen.
- If the external monitor will work just fine that could only mean that the built in LCD is faulty.
- But if the same problem will persist reinstall Windows.