Acer Aspire Laptop Repair


Jul 9, 2015
Well my issue right now is that a close friend destroyed an ACER Aspire 5733z-4633;
-Screen plastic cover is split at the webcam
-Left Screen hinge is broken on the frame/case/chassis/etc?
-Keyboard is a mess and missing multiple keys.
-Power Jack port was torn out

I already found a replacement keyboard, power jack port, bottom half of the chassis (top half is messy, but works.) I have found recently a replacement for the LCD case, both front and back. Now overall the gross fee for all the parts needed is around $167.20

Now also, this laptop now is entirely in my possession, friend has moved on and bought a full tower PC. I still don't want an obsolete laptop in my care due to my family moving soon. I was thinking of reassembling the laptop with the new parts and then either selling it off of ebay or somewhere or I was thinking of using the workable parts for projects such as buying a controller board for the LCD screen and making a stand alone monitor. What do you all think I should do?