Acer V3-571 Sound Problems


Sep 23, 2013
Hi folks

I'm having a few issues with sound from the internal speaker. Basically, there doesn't appear to be any bass. On the Dolby EQ, the last three bands on the low end are completely unresponsive when I turn them up or down. When I plug in headphones or put the laptop through my stereo however, there is a clear difference.

After sending the unit back to Acer they have told me this is normal and there is no fault. I just can't see how the can describe it having 'cinema quality sound' when there's no low end so obviously really tinny.

If anyone has this unit please can you let me know if yours is the same?

Many thanks

actually this is normal for the friend have one of those and he use external speakers to get the best sound as the internal speakers sounds muddy.The dolby works well only with external speaker or headset.