Acer vs asus! which one from these two?


May 16, 2012


No way in hell is the integrated Radeon HD 7640g more powerful than a nVidia GT 630m. The GT 630m is faster then the Radeon HD 7660g and the GT 640m is roughly equivalent to a dedicated Radeon HD 7730m.

Click the following link for some game benchmarks of the Radeon HD 7640g (scroll down). Expand the "Low" settings to see the various card benchmarked. The GT 630m is not represented in any of the benchmarks, but the slower GT 610m and GT 620m do make a few appearances.

The below link is for the nVidia GT 630m. The Radeon HD 7640g is not compared to at all, but the Radeon HD 7660G does make a frequent appearance as part of the benchmarks. The Radeon HD 7660G + Radeon HD 7670m combo does make an appearance from time to time.

Blatantly stating that a Radeon HD 7640g would "destroy both of those machines" suggests otherwise.

The Asus R500VM-MS71 with the GT 630m only costs $32 more than the ASUS K55N-DS81 you suggested so that is still considered within the same price range for most people. Especially given the fact that $32 gives you the better performing GT 630m and the fact that the i7-3610QM extremely outclasses the A8-4500M in terms of CPU performance that it is not even funny.

Perhaps you did not bother to read one of my prior posts with links to benchmarks for the Radeon HD 7640D and nVidia GT 630m.

What you believe and what reality is are two different things.

Here is my post again: