Dec 9, 2004
I wanted to know if it is possible to add video clips to a DVD after burning something to it.

I wanted to start a DVD with clips from my daughters birthdays, and add future birthdays to it. I know I can do this on my PC with basic video editing software.

Is what I am looking to do possible? Is it dependent on the software? Oh...and of course I want to be able to view all of the previous video clips as well...Actually I would like to be able to view the whole thing as one movie and not have to use the DVD players menu and select "birthday 2006" and then after watching it have to go back to the menu and select "birthday 2007".

If this is possible, what software would allow me to do this?




Jan 31, 2006
The problem is that once you finalize a DVD you can't add anything to it and most DVD burning software automatically finalizes the disk, otherwise your DVD player can't read it. The only way I can think of doing this would be to make a project then you can keep adding things, e.g., create a project with the birthdays you have now and burn a DVD and save the project, definitely back it up on a separate drive, then next year add the birthday to the project and burn another DVD. I'm currently using Cyberlink Power Director 5 and I can create an avi file from a project, if you can do this, save the project as an avi file then you don't have worry about losing everything if you get different DVD editing software in the future given that project files are usually proprietary to the software used to make them and can't be read by other software.