Adding "wired" speakers to play via Bluetooth App


Jun 24, 2016
I have the SongPal app. with Sony HT-XT1 Soundbar connected. I want to connect my "wired" outdoor speakers and then add them to play through SongPal. What device(s) would I need. I'd like to choice whether to play indoor or outdoor speakers together or independent of each other.
I have a Yamaha AV system (RX-V360) that powers the outdoor speakers, that I would like to eliminate.
You can't eliminate the Yamaha without replacing it with some kind of amplifier since the speakers aren't self powered. Is the soundbar your indoor speaker? If so you could try connecting the device to the receiver from the headphone jack and pair it to the soundbar. Can't say if it will feed both at the same time but not hard to try. Just turn off the speaker you don't want to play. There may be an echo since the wired connection will not have the delay that the BT connection may have.
Ultimately the best solution is to replace the Yamaha with a Sonos Connect amp and the soundbar with a Sonos Playbar & Sub. That will get you complete control of each area. Instead of just streaming from your device you can use your device as a remote and access all you music files on the network as well as all the streaming services without having to leave the device on all the time. You can still play files from the device but aren't limited to that. Each area can play different music if you want too.
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