Advice on how to connect 2 speakers with banana slots to a 5.1 system?


Mar 20, 2013
i have a home cinema subwoofer(5.1 system). On the back, all the slots are RCA slots.
The connections on the 2 speakers i want to connect to the system are banana slots (like such):
i have 2 of these cables left:
and 2 of these:

I have the center speaker connected to the subwoofer and it connected to my pc (everything works) i just want to ask:
How can i connect my speakers (that have banana slots) using my cables. Can i just take the double RCA cables, cut off the 2 connectors from one side and connect the open cables to the banana slots and plug in the connectors from the other side of the cable into my subwoofer? Or do i need to buy something to help me out here? Thank you!

p.s. the speakers are are 8ohm and the subwoofer/amp is 4ohm.


You cannot drive speakers with RCA cables.
The RCA plugs to the input of an amplifier (stereo receiver amp, integrated amp or power amp, etc...)
Then the amp drives a speaker.
OR plug the rca into the powered speaker. The powered speaker has the amplifier built in.


Mar 8, 2013
on the speakers, those should also screw down. you would just strip some speaker wire long enough to wrap around once and tighten. or there could be a hole through the side where you just strip enough to go through. both cases you don't want to pinch the insulation. having a little wire sticking out is not bad, as long as it doesn't touch anything.

on the home theater you should have simular terminals as your speakers or some thing like this:

exceptions would be if your speakers/sub are self powered (plug into an AC wall receptical) or are low powered, then your home theater system may not have the power to drive them.
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