Question After got out of safe mode, broken screen laptop won't recognize external monitor

Apr 8, 2020
Hi, guys, this is my first time here. I hope anyone can help.
So, my boyfriend have this laptop with a broken screen that he uses as a backup of his files, and to watch movies on the tv, he has always connected it to an external monitor or the tv. Just plugged the VGA connector and the image would appear. The thing is that the wifi suddenly stopped working and while I was trying to make it work, I entered safe mode, and for my surprise, the monitor didn't work. After too much time, I managed to get out of safe mode, by pressing all the shortcuts and keys, but when I turned the laptop on, it did not recognize the external monitor. The only thing I can see on the broken screen is a faint shadow of what might be happening when I do something, so I know that it's working, if a window popped up, etc. I tried to update the monitor driver, but I cannot know if it was done, as I can't see. All that I do on this laptop I do simultaneously on my other laptop, that has the same Windows 8.1.
I've tried several times the Fn +F4 and the Windows + P trick, but none worked, and I can't see what happens at the right side of the screen. Also, It's not possible to close the lid, as it is broken. The wifi is still not working, I suspect it's not recognizing the LAN cable as the light is not on.
So, I'm with my hands tied cos we're in quarantine and we cannot sent it someone that can open it and connect the hard drive to another computer... Anyone knows what can I do or what might have happened after I got out of safe mode? (and yes, I'm sure I got out of safe mode cos it turned off after I did, just like my other laptop)
some suggestions:

-restart windows while in windows

-turn off the laptop, plug in vga, power on

-eventually power on, wait till it´s booted into windows, connect vga

Which laptop is it? brand and model should be written on it somewhere
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