After reassembling HP ENVY 17, right side USB ports, headphone jack, fingerprint reader, and touchpad are not working


Aug 24, 2016
After spilling drink on my Envy 17, when I typed, some keys wouldn't work and others would type a character over and over. Also, the backlight wouldn't come on. I stopped using the computer.
Now, months later, I took the computer apart, cleaned off some black goop that was on the motherboard, and I replaced the backlit keyboard.

I no longer have any problems with the keyboard, but now the following do not work:
the touchpad, the two USB ports on the right side, the headphone jack (also right side), and the fingerprint reader (to the right of the touchpad). The only things on the right side that work are the optical drive and the power jack. Prior to my tinkering, all these things functioned properly.

The USB ports on the left side work fine as does the HDMI port on the left side.

I am wondering if I didn't plug something back in correctly? Is there one ribbon cable or some other component that would affect all of these things? I will open it back up and recheck all the connections, but I was wondering if there is a likely culprit causing my problems.