AMD cards no longer work?(GREY SCREEN)


Oct 7, 2016
today I was playing CSGO on my AMD Radeon HD 7970M's (I've got two crossfired)
I'm running on an Alienware m18x r2 with a core i7 and 16GB ram
While I was playing, I tabbed out of CS and then back in and suddenly my screen goes grey and the screen and laptop in general just froze.
I restarted my laptop and after the BIOS loading I get a green line flicker (Random lines they're not actually horizontal or vertical, they appear scattered)
I thought it was a driver problem? so I booted in safe mode and changed to my HD 4000 integrated GFX.
After I did that I proceeded to uninstall my cards
I then relaunched the cards (Ran them instead of my HD4000) and they would give the same error (flickering green screen and then just a black screen)..
I re-installed windows thinking that it might be some problem with my windows and I still get the same error when switching to my VGA's
I was running Crimson 16.9.2 update!
I managed to uninstall both cards and go and use my integrated GFX
I've had the alienware for almost 2 years now..
Can someone help me with this issue? I was running windows 10, but now I'm running windows 8.
Could they be fried perhaps? I didn't see smoke or hear a noise come out of my laptop though, it just froze.
Quick edit: I have a cooler pad below my laptop at all times.