Amp power query


Jul 12, 2017
Hi all!

New on here so go easy on me!

I'm thinking of buying Klipsch RP-260F floor standing speakers. They have a sensitivity of 97db spl and a stated continuous power handling of 125 watts into 8 ohms.

My amp (a Rotel A14) puts out 80 watts per channel continuous into 8ohms.

Will my amp be under-powered to drive those speakers, bearing in mind that 2 watts of power should drive the Klipsch to 100db spl? I'm thinking probably not and the amp will drive them just fine but I don't want to buy speakers which are too much for my amp to handle.

Many thanks!



You'll be fine, unless you are going to try at listen to them while you are at your neighbors house. :D

In room sensitivity is about 97 dB as stated so yeah, 2 watts of power will give you 100dB at one meter with one speaker or roughly 103 dB with both speakers at 1 meter.