Amplifier to speaker problem

Jun 14, 2018
So I had this Sony speakers set which had an amp thingy. The speakers are good but the amp thingy in bw is spoilt. I intend to buy an amplifier that'll provide me enough bass and volume and everything...

My speakers:
Sony SS-RV900
6ohm, 140+140w, 3 way.

My old amp thingy
Sony MHC rv5

Please suggest some amplifier or something that'll help me buy one in my country ( India)

The original amp thingy is rated at 120 watts per channel at 6 ohm but at 10% distortion which is very very high.
I would say that you can use any amp with about 50-75 watts into 6 ohms at a more normal .01% distortion. I'm not sure what brands are available to you and what price range you are looking to spend. Some options would be
Don't buy a surround sound receiver unless you plan on adding speaker or need some of the connections. A stereo receiver will be more economical and may sound better too.
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