An old virus that is about 9 years old. Should I be worried?


Apr 2, 2015
Hello guys,
So today I've discovered that there's two files that are 9 years old that were infected by a virus called 'tr/patched.gen'. I can barely found info about this virus, and I'm pretty sure these files were infected 8-9 years ago or so. I always moved the files as they were in a directory with many other files through Windows installations, and since the infection, I've reinstalled Windows about 2-3 times. So, my question is - Should I be worried? I've deleted the files now and I didn't notice anything strange for about 6 years, but still, could any damage have been made?
Thanks in advance.

EDIT: There's a possibility that it's also a false positive. I've scanned with about 5 different AV programs (scanned my whole PC), and only Avira detected it. I remember in the past (6 years ago) when I've scanned with Avira, I also kept getting more virus detections than with any other AV program.