Android tab wont turn on!HELP


Jul 8, 2015
(Sory if bad Eng)

Hi guys i have a android tablet wich i used but than im not sure it was low and turn off but it was going to slowly so i left and didnt use or charge for a long time than after some time i wanted to use and hold the power button and it turned on (i charged it before) but it just displayed android icon and didnt start (i didnt kniw that i need to boot or reset with power button and volume ) so i left it and now i knew i need to do that i took the tablet and charged all night than try turnin on it doesnt turn on but it chatges the light tells its charging but doesnt turn on . I think i left battery die i dont know whats happening!!


If it does not turn on at all even after charging overnight you may have a bad battery, system board or screen. You should have a local repair shot look at it, although if it's a cheap tablet it will likely be cheaper to replace than repair it.