Annoying Adware which won't go away

Ruhan Qureshi

Aug 30, 2013
I've been having this annoying problem with my chrome, I gave my laptop to my brother and I believe he went to some untrusted site or installed something on the laptop that I've been getting these pop ups by "HugeApps".
He usually does this so I as usual I ran malwarebytes and it found some threats which I removed, after the restart I was still getting these Popups and Ads on my Google Chrome.
I opened up control panel and uninstalled every unknown app I had on my Laptop and I still have this problem.
I downloaded and ran ADW cleaner and STILL have this problem, I'm out of options and I have no Idea how to fix this!
I even have adblocker installed and still I get this, I tried disabling adblocker and I still get this, I checked all my extensions and there are non untrusted extensions running on my chrome.

No idea what to do


Feb 16, 2015
First of all your antivirus should be able to block all those things. Now, it does not.

1. Go to Chrome Setting, Under SEARCH, you can manage the search engine, remove everything but you can keep google search as it is clean. Check un-wanted extensions too. Restart Chrome, this may help.

2. Re-setting Chrome into default also help me for those issue.

3. Use Revo-Uninstaller Pro to clean the browsers, trial works very well for a temporary use. If this did not work, un-install chrome using revo-uninstaller, and clean all the remaining files, cookies, temp with revo itself. Reboot your PC, install it new Chrome (Make sure you clean the registry also, with revo itself).

Hope this help.


Sep 26, 2010
Are you at all comfortable working in the registry? IF IT WERE ME, I'd delete every single instance of "HugeApps" in the registry. I'm pretty confident that would take care of the issue. If you want to give it a go, then download and install the freeware program called RegSeeker ( It's extremely easy to use and can identify every instance of "HugeApp". As with any editing of the registry, it is critical that you backup the registry before deleting anything. RegSeeker will do that for you. The other thing I would recommend is to create a restore point before editing the registry.

The only other suggestion I would have is to install the anti-virus program Avira. My opinion of course, but I have tried nearly every single AV program and Avira by far is the most thorough of all.

Ruhan Qureshi

Aug 30, 2013
Alright I'll try the registry thing IF it comes back.
I tried Vlmem10's no.3 solution and while uninstalling Chrome using that software I got a blue screen, when I rebooted chrome won't launch so I reinstalled it and I didn't see any HugeApps ads, but this happened before after I used malwarebytes, it disappeared for a while and then came back so I'll see if it returns during the 2 days.
Thanks for all the input!
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