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  1. MissMagicalGirl

    Question extension called options keeps showing up on chrome

    There's this weird extension called options that keeps showing up for some reason, my chrome tab will close and when I open it again it will be there and my adblocker will be disabled. I've tried using Malware Bytes and and I've uninstalled and redownloaded chrome, and it still shows up.
  2. M

    Question How do I get rid of Free Auto Clicker adware?

    Soooo I wanted an autoclicker for a certain game, just real quick and free and easy. Turns out it was some yucky program so I uninstalled it. But it kept showing an update message every time on startup that could only be closed using task manager. It was really annoying but I have the files in...
  3. Raydge

    Adware Browser Site On Startup

    So there's this russian adware site that pops up when I start my computer, takes me to a page called "" and displays ads. I have found that in the registry it is named as "". I've tried everything from registry data deletion (the lines keep coming back no matter what.)...
  4. X

    (Webbar) Chrome maximize window screwed up

    Hey everyone, I was installing software that came bundled with some junk, and realized too late that I could hit "decline" and the installation would keep going. Anyway, I ended installing some PoS toolbar called "Webbar," and uninstalled it, yet the maximize window on Chrome won't fully...
  5. B

    Adware/Malware pop-up refusing to die

    Hey guys, frustrated here. I made a silly mistake and tried downloading a cracked game, I know I know shame on me for not paying for it and being cheap; long story short I got some badware's with it. Here's my story: Past 2 days I have had the issue with chrome randomly opening up a new tab when...
  6. IvakaS

    PC full of Adware Viruses

    Hello there, two days ago I downloaded some program from the internet and since then I've been having issues when browsing with Opera (just Opera). Many times I click somewhere, adwares like "liveadexchange", "buzzonclick" and many more things redirect me to adds. I searched for solutions...
  7. M

    I have Adware...and I can't get rid of it.

    So I can't even believe I'm making this forum right now. I actually have adware on my pc, and I can't get rid of it. It seems like it only does anything to me on chrome though, sometimes if I simply click on any sort of link in chrome, it will open in a new tab, but the tab I was just on gets...
  8. angelness

    HUGE mystery: Can't get Adware to go away no matter what I do?

    Adware has always been a joke to me. In the past, I've managed to easily remove it off my grandparent's PC or wherever I saw it. It's usually always either a toolbar or an extension. However, recently my PC has become infected and no matter what I do, IT WON'T GO AWAY! I've tried EVERYTHING...
  9. S

    Unable To Remove Unidentified Adware From Laptop

    Just yesterday I noticed random tabs with infected ads opening on chrome. This confused me, as I hadn't downloaded any new files, browsed any porn, etc within the last week. At first I tried to run a system restore, but thanks to a Windows 10 error, my restore point was corrupted and when I...
  10. G

    strange adware that isn't being detected

    I have this adware where in google search it shows adware results, and sometimes it does popups, I tried using hitman pro 3 but it doesn't detect it, I have malwarebytes, did a scan, didn't detect it AND using adwcleaner doesn't detect it, I searched up other questions but no one else has got...
  11. P Redirect Interfering Browsing Session

    So, I got adware on my computer. And, I'm having a lot of difficulty trying to resolve the issue. I went through countless of articles explaining how to remove this thing, but none of it is working. The first thing that happened was a site called came up as my homepage, I got...
  12. J

    Russian Ad Everywere

    I have Russin ads Everywere, i have tried: malewarebytes adwcleaner, alvast free antivirus, ccleaner and malewarebytes. And it doesn't help. I am Dutch by the way and I run Windows 8.1
  13. P

    How to remove this adware?

    Hey guys, I want ask how I remove this adware, it was downloaded without my consent. Say, I write " Data" it is then marked with green and when I hover over it, an ad appears. How do I remove?? This happened after I downloaded "Core Temp" from ALCPU. Help me, please.
  14. C

    I keep getting redirected to random website

    I got a new system a few weeks ago. i installed Windows 10 and Avast Free, and proceeded to use my computer as i always do, a few days later, i started getting redirected to random website when i use google or, so i just went and formatted and installed Windows 10 again, after a few days...
  15. G

    How do you delete

    For hours I've been looking for a way to remove as my browser but still no luck. When I tried to delete safe search as my default browser each time it says "This setting is enforced by your aniministator." I also want away without downloading any adware protection service. One...
  16. G

    Adware on my PC

    Hello, I was watching some YouTube today and I saw some really suspicious ads on my PC like insureandgo and you have 1 sms remaining! (These were those ads on YouTube on the side of the page) I ran Avira free AV and Malwarebytes free and nothing was detected. Why? Is this happening! Thanks Ps...
  17. R

    Malware and False Product Key Trojan

    Idiotically, I decided to try and download COD4 from a Mediafire, hoping to replay the nostalgic game. Upon finishing the download, I opened the first folder called "CD1", tried running the setup.exe and halfway through the install, but it closed instantly and product cd key malware instantly...
  18. X

    Ads by Triangulum

    Good evening everyone, I recently picked up an adware by the name of "Ads By Triangulum". I've looked up how to remove it and have tried all of the known fixes, I've system restored, used Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes, and AdwCleaner. The adware isn't on my web browsers, but rather on my gaming...
  19. K

    Adware problem (basically immortal)

    So I have a severe adware problem, I've tried everything, used malwarebytes and adwcleaner, searched for any programs that I don't know were installed and deleted them, done a clean reinstall of firefox and followed every forum I can find with no luck removing it, any help would be appreciated
  20. G

    Web pages have invisible layer over them (Virus?)

    Hi there. Recently I've had a run in with a possible virus that causes an ad to appear whenever i open a page or new tab on chrome, despite the adblockers I use. I think it was called super new tab or something. I searched it up and did some actions to clear it, which involved uninstalling some...
  21. N

    Can a Pop-Up ad give you a virus even if you just close it?

    Hello. About a week ago, a website I used quite a bit gave me a pop-up ad as I began browsing around it. I closed instantly and left the website since I got a bit paranoid. The question is, I just closed the pop-up, can it still give me a virus? I use Chrome, and it's always updated, and so far...
  22. R

    Annoying Adware which won't go away

    I've been having this annoying problem with my chrome, I gave my laptop to my brother and I believe he went to some untrusted site or installed something on the laptop that I've been getting these pop ups by "HugeApps". He usually does this so I as usual I ran malwarebytes and it found some...
  23. lethalshark

    Ads by AdsAlert, Need an Expert! ;(

    About 2 weeks ago I first started getting Ads by Ads Alert. I reset my Chrome browser and it was gone for 3 days, then it came back. I cleared it again and it was gone for 3 days and came back. I checked my extensions, my installed programs, I ran multiple anti-malware programs such as...
  24. B

    Ads By Adsalert (Need help to Removal) *NO UNINSTALLER!! D:*

    Hi, guys I tired to remove "Ads By Adsalert", but there is No Uninstaller program, i did follow some steps from webpage to removal, Adwcleaner dosen't Detect any Ads by Adsalert, I tired Spyhunter, ( during after removal scan, some-what made my HDD broke so Running HDD in IDLE mode) So is...
  25. A

    Cannot find adware anywhere on PC

    So I've had this AdsAlert on my PC for quite sometime. I removed the extension when I first noticed it, and all of the fake programs under control panel. But after that it didn't go away. I scanned with malware bytes, and it found some stuff to remove. Removed it, reset PC, still there. I...
  26. 5hadowking115

    Help identifying/removing particular adware on Chrome. (Banners, pop ups, Ali Express, War Thunder, Russian Websites)

    So, for the past month, there's been this virus that I'm not even sure how I got (I visit a few shady sites, so that's probably it, though I don't know specifics) it. I've compiled a few research pieces to analyze, but I don't even know where to begin. Here's a link with several files that I...
  27. lethalshark

    Links Occasionally Send Me to Malicious Links/Advertisements

    I've been having an issue in Chrome (because I only use chrome, haven't tested if it occurs anywhere else) where if I click a link, ANY link it can take me to a random website.It happens usually every 1/10 links to 1/40 links. Even clicking on verified emails from Google, TwitchTv, Amazon, etc...
  28. C

    Adware on my network

    I am having trouble getting rid off some adware. I don't wich one, but I first notice on my Android phone, then on my computer, then in every device that connects to my network. I used a lot off apps and softwares (antiviruses like malwarebytes, Bitdefender, then Rkill and JRKILL also didn't...
  29. V

    Ads by RespectSale? Adware?

    So, I've downloaded absolutely nothing for weeks, apart from GTA V off of Steam. I get on my computer this morning, and BAM. Popups and everything when I launch Chrome, or try to click a link. I either get a popup, redirect, coupon offers, or just massive, annoying ads (including those god-awful...
  30. G

    How to delete wierd adware called SalePlus

    I made a mistake and installed some weird adware. It is called SalePlus, basically its an extension in chrome plugs its own ads on some webpages. I uninstalled it via the control panel, found most of the files and deleted them manually, but its always in the extensions when I reopen an new...
  31. M

    Help! Adware/Browser Hijack

    Hello , I recently built a machine. The second day i switched it on , every site i browsed had an invisible layer of link on it. When i clicked on the page it redirected me to some ads. The site/adware is it keeps irritating me. I have tried many tutorials on the net but none worked...
  32. MyKeyblader

    Where did this adware come from and how do I get rid of it

    So the last time I turned on my computer was last night. I didn't use it for internet or anything just some offline games. I shut it down and start it up again a few hours ago and do some web browsing, and key words are highlighted all over the pages i visit. If i hover over them it displays an...
  33. V

    Absolutely Awful Adware

    I have this stupid adware on my computer, and I haven't downloaded anything apart from a game from Steam this week, and all of the sudden, I have this thing called "SauleePPluso" under my extensions. No matter where I click on a page (even here on TH), I get popups and all of this crap now. I...
  34. N

    Cant get rid of adware help me please!

    So lately in the past couple of months I've been having to deal with this annoying adware that I couldn't get rid of and its all browser based like adcouopono or fundeals and stuff like that as extensions on google chrome. I could never get rid of them until one day windows defender scanned and...
  35. d1versify

    delta-homes toolbar/engine installed by itself

    hello. i searched in google how to remove this thing, but each site told me to download different software.they didnt look ok so i didnt. I also checked the extensions tab and control panel and nothing there. What is the real way to remove this? IT has screwed my pc up.
  36. C

    Malware/adware keeps reappearing

    A few weeks back a small programs were installed which I didn't authorise. I uninstalled them because I didn't want them on my computer and a few days later they came back along with some adware which redircts me to these suspicious website. I uninstalled those as well from the add/remove option...
  37. LegendaryLeader

    HELP! Cannot Remove Adware!

    Hello, so a while back my computer happened to get adware (can't remember what I downloaded) and I have had extreme difficulty removing it. At the moment, the adware I have is DynamicPricer (as far as I know). These are the steps I have taken so far to remove this adware, but none of them have...
  38. madd dogg207

    Adware need help

    I'm not very good on the software side, but somehow I've already managed to have this "priceless" adware get on my new rig.. It doesn't show up in control panel. I tried malwarbytes, spybot, hitmanpro, etc. and it's still there. One that worked out was I think spyhunter 4, but as I just spent my...
  39. F

    Ask, mysearch and Delta Search problem!!!!

    Hi there. Since ever I built my PC and install google chrome I have been having problems with those search engines. Whenever I open google chrome or internet explorer there appear 4 different tabs with different search engines. I went to uninstall them but they were not there. I also tried to...
  40. S

    Help in removing mal/adware

    Hi all, I'm requesting assistance in removing some malware or adware I seem to have picked up during my travels on the internet. The first instance of this I noticed was a car advertisement/review being run in the background (I had no programs or anything else open - just running in the...
  41. S

    How to recognise files associated with Blasteroids?

    Hi all, I was reading a blog related to removal of Blasteroids on a certain IT website (who give you access to chat with their experts, but if you actually need help, they ask you to pay - and if you ask a question, they'll do anything but answer it - at least that was my experience), and among...
  42. G

    I Need Help!

    About every few times i click a link, it brings me to a page that says, " Your pc has detected to viruses...." It gives me a number to call, and some other information. It is usually a red screen. I don't know for sure what it is, or how to get rid of it, but I know its fake and someone out...
  43. S

    Getting ads but no virus detected?

    Ok, so the other day i was on my computer and found out that I had a few malware viruses on my PC. After removal, i'm still getting ads, not as much as before but too much nonetheless. I ran a bunch of scans including the Windows anti malware thing, Super Anti Spyware, Malwarebytes and even...