antenna working on three of our tv's but not on the 4th tv


Mar 14, 2015
We recently dropped cable and installed an antenna in our attic to get our local channels. Three of our tv's get great reception of several local channels. Our fourth tv won't pick up any channels when we run the internal scan. It is the older of the tv's - approximately 10 year old 42" vizio hdmi hdtv. Any suggestions on how to get the local channels on this tv?
If the Vizio does have an ATSC digital tuner then it may not be getting enough signal due to the way the antenna is split and the length of the wire. You can try connecting it as close to the split as possible and then scan for channels. If that works then you will need to amplify the signal or replace the antenna wire since that can also attenuate the signal.
If it doesn't have a tuner you can buy one like this:
which may be more sensitive than the older tuner in the TV even if it does have one.