Any aftermarket parts to improve laptop cooling? And some more questions about thermals.


Nov 16, 2015
Hey. I bought a used MSI GE72 2QF (16GB DDR3 | GTX 970M | i7-4720HQ) GPU was thermal throttling really bad, they both reached 87c (which is my laptop's limits) and started throttling. GPU frequency went as low as 600mhz, or even less if I tested more, same with CPU. At 87c it went to 2.10 Ghz instead of 3.60 Ghz. I cleaned the fans with dust can and a toothpick, took the PC apart and changed thermal paste from stock to Arctic MX 2. The CPU copper pipe only has a aluminium heatspreader, but GPU has full on copper heatspreader, so GPU only goes at 80c at full load, GPU doesn't throttle anymore, but CPU temperatures still reach system turn off point when benchmarking CPU. I manually set CPU frequency at 3.0 Ghz instead of 3.60 GHz to improve thermals. Now I'm thinking what are others ways to improve thermals to avoid throttling at all. Are there any aftermarket copper pipes, faster RPM fans and other parts to improve thermals? Since now the best I can is to buy a high RPM cooling pad or undervolt my CPU. But undervolting it doesn't improve my thermals at all from what I noticed. I can undervolt it about -0,100V, which doesn't improve thermals. But I can't really test it at full load with that voltage, since the laptop turns off anyways because of temperature. And one more question, my CPU has something like a black duct tape on the iGPU part. Should I remove it and apply thermal paste on iGPU? And maybe I shouldn't avoid making a full rectangle with thermal paste and apply it also on PCB, not only on the die? Since now only the CPU die has thermal paste on it. PCB is clean and iGPU has that black duct tape on it.


Question from Arthasdmc : "Best laptop cooling pads?"


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Question from Arthasdmc : "Best laptop cooling pads?"

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