Solved! Apple Earbud's mic does not work with 1 female 4 pole to 2 male 3 pole splitter on pc but works by itself.

Sep 8, 2019
I bought a female 4 pole to 2x male 3 pole splitter to get my Apple earbuds to work on pc. The problem is that the earbud mic works if I plug it directly into the mic-in jack but they do not if I plug the earbuds into the splitter and then the mic plug of the splitter into the jack. The speakers work fine regardless of whether i use the splitter or not, as long as I plug it into the line-out jack. Do i need a splitter with 4 pole males or are the earbuds not compatible?
Apple uses their own configuration for the 4 pole connector that is not compatible with standard adapters. You need to look for one specifically labeled to work with apple connectors.