Apple macbook case cracking

fizzy con carne

Sep 24, 2009
Hi, i am just wondering if anyone else is having problems with apple macbook cases cracking.

I have a white macbook 2ghz cpu, 1gb ram with the intel gma 950 graphics. It has never been dropped (i dread to think what dropping it would do when normal usage makes it crack). I didnt expect a 700 pound laptop to crack in just over two years, and when its supposedly a premium product.

The cracking is all round the sides, on the underneath, all round the ports and on the edge of the inside panel.

Ive even heard that people with the alluminium cases still crack. I have a friend with a old g4 titanium body mackbook and his has got scratches all over it and he has dropped it several times.

Ive got in touch with apple because ive read from numerous places that they will fix them for free even when out of warranty because its a manufacturing fault. They refused to do anything at first, then they asked me send pictures in. I sent them and a few weeks later i got a phone call from apple saying they would only fix the lid, which is not actually cracked.

Has anyone else had these problems, and if so have you had yours fixed by apple.


Dec 18, 2009

Alot of people have been havin this problem and I have heard alot of people are getting apple to fix it out of warranty.

I would call and check with apple.

But it would be a good idea to get a macbook case to protect your laptop from injuries
check this site where i got mine


Feb 8, 2010
yah, just lilke you said, my son macbook is broken too.
Is the main frame, where hold two (2) tiny screws. That holds all the bending of the lid. This create to lcd dont work, and making no at all run the programs.
I contact Apple by phone and personally. They said to me the problem is abuse and misuse.
I been bought the insurance and what? dont cover the main frame. Because the useges of the laptop. I just 2 years old pc.
That I know the have the right to defend their product. Charging insurance where doesnt cover those problems. So they are smart and genuis.
They dont care you, only money wise is all about. Be carefull, doble chech what you buy and what you protecting. Today pc is ONLY for one year of use and later you need to dump. Or you pay the price to hear " I apologyze".
They say" fast, reliable,sturdy, strong main frame. art of inginiering, best of machine of the year" and so on. Because in Only for marketing and nothing else quality.
I been In the store and most people trying to resolven those complain with no exit.
So you just , what are buying.


Aug 31, 2011

Macbook Leather Case
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