Application to limit iPad's bandwidth?


Jun 6, 2013
I am looking for a PC application to limit an iPad's bandwidth. Every time my brother uses it to watch Youtube videos, I've noticed my ping in a game skyrocket from 80 to ~300 and my internet significantly slower. I've used Netbalancer for throttling applications on a computer, but not one for a different device.

Does such a program exist or must I access router settings? I have a certain router that is very difficult to navigate and I'm not so tech savvy in that regard.

Get (or check yours) router which supports alternative firmware (check for list of supported routers, the cheapest I have seen up to now is refurbished Cisco E2500 for about $40). On this router firmware, you can limit connection on per-client base, so your brother can get as little or as much of the bandwidth.

Another option is to upgrade your Internet connection ;)