Question Weird, weird issues while charging laptop battery

Jan 23, 2020
Hi everyone,

I'm having issues charging my Asus UX410U laptop.
First I thought it was the battery, I replaced it.
Then I thought it was the charger, replaced that one as well.
Then I thought it must be some of the connectors related to the power supply so I left the laptop in a hardware repair shop, where they re-soldered all of those connectors again.
But the following symptoms prevail:

  1. If the laptop is turned on and I put it on power supply either nothing happens, or the battery led starts to blink "fairly" regularly, but not always. Sometimes the blinking is faster, sometimes slower.
  2. If the laptop is turned off, then the power and battery led indicators start to take turns in turning on and off on a regular interval (around 5 seconds in total).
  3. If I start the laptop without the battery, then just when the OS starts loading, it reboots and the cycle repeats.
  4. When working on battery power only, laptop is functioning normally.
  5. Sometimes when the laptop is turned off, the battery actually charges normally. Let's say in 1 out of 10 times (battery indicator stays on all the time)
EDIT. As I find this problem difficult to explain with words, I've recorded a couple of videos:



Anyone having an idea what might be wrong with it and could it be fixed?

Thank you,
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Sep 22, 2019
Sounds like a DC jack port that is faulty but you said that they resoldered connectors related to the "power supply" so maybe that was already replaced. Then it might be the a power chip (charging chip) that has gone bad on your motherboard but I would be surprised that the laptop is still working if one of these fails. So I would suggest inspecting the motherboard for any problems.
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