Asus a442U randomly shuts down on any battery level when unplugged

Dec 12, 2018
My laptop shuts down randomly with a click sound when it's running on battery power. But when plugged, it runs smooth. When turned back on, it will shut off again with a click sound and restart by itself.

This happens a lot lately and I haven't been gaming at all. Only browser, LINE and Microsoft Word. Then, random blackouts. Sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes after a few hours.

Less than 6 months old, no overheating, no dust (ALWAYS cover it when not using), no overclocking (GPU, CPU, Memory all within normal percentage).

Runs on Win 10. Need help :(
Dec 12, 2018

Are you sure I'm gonna need a replacement battery?

Recently, I experimented by stopping a few processes because Win 10 ol' illness of 100 memory consumption was clogging my laptop. But there was no random blackouts at all. After that, my laptop starts doing it.

Of course let's be reminded windows updates aren't exactly helping all the time. They're like pandora boxes.
OH I agree with the updates being an issue. They can cause all kinds of issues.

However, no matter what it may be (still leaning towards battery) it should be under warranty, so I would suggest getting them to look at it now, before it isn't under warranty anymore and you are on the hook for any work.
Dec 12, 2018

I guess I'll do that.
Will update here on how it turns out after I get it checked. I also want to know the underlying cause, so I can avoid it the next time I don't have the warranty anymore.

I went through so many posts and a lot of them weren't giving satisfying answers, thus, another same question lol
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