Asus G51J


Oct 11, 2012
I have brought an used Asus G51J notebook :D . It was used and abused :( . I had to buy a new hood, keyboard, plam hand pad, screen as well to make it look almost new ;) . Now I did that, what I am working on now is an up-grade. Is there any way I can upgrade my processor, ram, video card, and harddrive. :sarcastic: can any one help ME ! plssssssssss. :(


Jul 5, 2012
The CPU and video card are going to be a no for the most part. Technically it should be possible, but laptops are very finely calibrated systems. The power and cooling systems are designed specifically to be able to handle a very narrow range of hardware, and so if you try and put something in there that goes beyond that, you have problems.

RAM should be relatively easy to upgrade, the same with the HDD. You can have up to 4GB of RAM, and there should be space for 2x500GB HDDs. Those are the official "guaranteed" specs anyway, you might be able to exceed them such as 2x1TB drives, but it's a very YMMV sort of situation.


Aug 28, 2014
You can have up to 8GB of RAM in a G51J as the maximum (Same with Asus G50V, G50VT, G51VX). Up to 16GB of RAM for the G51X-J (3D version). The CPU can be upgraded to a 920xm or 940xm extreme CPU if you wish. People have done it without problems.
The 3D version doesn’t have a secondary hard drive slot but the regular non-3D version does like the G50V, G50VT and G51VX. You can have two 2TB Samsung M9T hard drive in the G51J no problem. Though I'd advise to put in an SSD as the primary drive and then a storage drive. The drive you boot to cannot exceed 2TB in size since the laptop doesn't have a UEFI, it just has a BIOS. There isn't a limit (extremely huge) on the capacity of the secondary hard drive. Can be 20TB when a 20TB laptop drive comes out for instance.