Asus G74SX: Random F11 Button problem?

Not Tony

Sep 30, 2014
Hello everyone. I've had an Asus G74SX for about a year now. Ever since about a month after I got it I noticed this problem occurring, but it gets worse and worse every day, and today I've decided to do whatever it takes to rid myself of this infernal glitch.

When I'm using any application that has some function mapped to the F11 key, it's most noticeable. I can be browsing online with Firefox, and suddenly my computer goes haywire for about 15 seconds, like some invisible hand was mashing F11 as fast as they could. The screen maximizes and restores furiously. I can make it stop by clicking on my taskbar at the bottom and waiting about 10 seconds before resuming normal activity, but even in the course of typing THIS POST it happened 3 times already.

If I'm using Excel, it suddenly makes a horde of new sheets at the bottom, like 50 or so, making me have to take time to delete the sheets. (It puts them all in chart form.)

If I'm watching a video with MPC, it starts doing the maximize/restore thing there as well.

Frankly, I have no idea what causes it, I just know at this point the error has to do with F11. I've googled and googled for months, but today I'm begging for help from anyone with hardware knowledge or maybe someone who's heard of this glitch before. Any suggestions?