Asus K46C Laptop suddenly takes 30 minutes to turn on

More Than Dork

Jan 1, 2014
I woke up yesterday, turned on my computer and waited ten minutes. Usually it can take up to 5 minutes to boot up completely from shut down. 10 minutes seemed excessive. Today, this morning, it failed to boot up twice. It succeeded on the third try but took 30 minutes.

Once it's booted things work mostly normally, but every so often, some program will work extremeley slowly. For example, browsing my photos it, took up to 1 minute to load some photos while others were loaded instantaneously as normal. These are pics on my hardrive, not online.

It took 20 minutes to open Adobe Photoshop.

Any given program seems to take 2-10 times longer to load than normal.

But once the program is loaded, it works as normal. Well, mostly. Occasionally programs now freeze for various amounts of time before continuing to work as normal.

The only change I made to the computer when this suddenly started happening was I uninstalled and reinstalled an audio editing software called NCH Mixpad.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

My computer was purchased new 3 months ago. Software issues are not covered by my warranty.


May 19, 2012
Try opening CMD as an admin. In windows 8 right click at the very bottom left in desktop mode and click command prompt (admin). In Windows 7 click on the start menu type cmd and then when it comes up right click on it and hit run as admin. type "sfc /scannow" it should take 10-40 mins depending on your system performance. Then after you have done that, try a disk defrag. In both win 7 and 8 go to the start menu and search for defrag. Defrag all drives on your computer. THEN after that is done, navigate to the file explorer until you see all of your drives. right click on your C drive and click propeties. click on the tools tab and then error checking. Check both options and then click start. It will say that it cant do it while windows is running and it needs to be done on the next reboot. Reboot your computer (WARNING: this will take several hours, at least, my reccomendation is to run it overnight or whenever you know you wont need your computer for several hours)
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