ASUS K501 don't start except when battery's totally empty

Mar 11, 2018
So my ASUS K501 took some water in the keyboard but worked perfectly untill someday it randomly stopped turning on (there s only the light bulb light working but the computer doesn't start).

I let the light bulb completely empty the battery and i turned it on when it was done (after nearly 5 days ) and it worked but everytime i turn the computer off I have the same problem and i can't be waiting 5 days every time i need my laptop. Since it s a internal battery I can t take the battery off so easily (but i will get my hands dirty if it's necessary kek) do you have a solution for me ?
If you got water in it, and didn't remove the battery at the time along with removing the charger, and didn't let it dry for days, yes days, after this occurred, then you may well have damaged something. The battery included. You really need to have it looked at.
Mar 11, 2018
I did let it dry but since it's an internal battery, I had no other choice then let it dry with battery. Right now, I'm using it to answer you (since the light bulb light emptied the battery and allows me to turn it on again). Can I suppose that the problem comes from battery and I don't need some expensive mother card change ?
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