Asus K56CB-XX122D EXTREME laptop freezing


Oct 5, 2013
First of all, none of this happens on my pc (older and much much weaker pc, using the exact same windows, exact same programs).

The problem occurs when:

1. I install any big file (in the first few minutes nothing is wrong, but after a few minutes my laptop simply freezes and I can't do shit and I have to wait for it to unfreeze, which takes 2min 43 seconds (time is the exact same if I delete and reinstal the same file))

2. I let chrome in the background with some hd 1080p videos PAUSED (what I mean by this is that I cannot access the tabs after going in a game with the browser open, I have to click on them, stare at a blank page for about 2 minutes then the page is back)

3. Whenever I use steam to install anything I get the "disk busy" status in the manage downloads tab when I download games, however when this "disk busy" status is shown my laptop freezes start happening.

4. Whenever I have a program in the background that I don't use I can't access it without waiting for a few minutes for it to "reload"

The #2 and #4 happens every single time after some time of inactivity (didn't count that), but it's usually after I finish playing a match of dota2 or csgo (1h / 20 mins)

I did send it in for repairs (still under waranty) but I was told that nothing is wrong with it, absolutely nothing, but when I looked around the net myself I found out that my laptop has a lot of problems.

It randomly "beeps" in some code every once in a while but when I sent it in for checks they said nothing like this happened. This beeping even occurs when I let it open overnight.

Windows 7 x64
Kasperksy Internet Security 2014
Tuneup Utilities 2014 (turbo mode permanent on)

Battery removed (doesn't matter)
Constantly on AC power mode
Constantly on High Performance power mode

edit: help anyone?...


Oct 5, 2013
Ok so it seems no one in the entire forum knows the answer.

And IF just saying IF anyone decides to answer this almost half year old topic with "blah blah heating or out of memory" my temp never gets higher than 70*, I use a powerful cooler to keep it cool, the cooler doesn't draw power from the laptop, it draws power from the pc which is right next to the laptop. I don't run out of memory because even while playing csgo or dota2 with max graphics my memory usage is still at 2.5/4 , for some reason it also can't access the entire ram memory, or it's just keeping that half for those fucking annoying beeping sounds it keeps on making when it freezes. I have looked up those beeping noises, I did send it back in waranty telling the exactly what the beeping codes were, it seems there is "nothing wrong" with the laptop.
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