Asus laptop battery charging issue


Jan 17, 2017
I have a Q551L laptop and the battery life indicator does not move p or down no matter how long it is plugged in. It works just fine as long as it if plugged in. Does it need a new battery or doesaanyone know what is going on?
If it isn't charging when on, you could try turning it totally off (not hibernate or sleep) and see if it will charge then.

If it will, then you may well need a new charger cord, not a battery. If it isn't delivering enough power it can't charge the battery and run the laptop at the same time, hence the only charges when off.

Now if it won't even charge the battery when the laptop is fully turned off, then it is probably the battery that needs replacing.


Jan 17, 2017



Jan 17, 2017
So is it difficult to replace a battery inside my laptop by myself? Businesses here charge a lot just to look at it much less to fix it. Do you have any suggestions as to where I can purchase a battery for a reasonable price? Thanks for getting back to me by the way.
In regard to the battery purchase, there are so many places online, I can't really say one or another is a better place. I can say, however, that you should be careful of the battery purchased. Some after market ones just aren't worth the time and effort to get as they don't work correctly. Not all, but many. Me I stick with OEM batteries myself (for laptops at least).

On removing it well it depend son the laptop. Luckily, for many devices, you can find videos online walking you through changing out the battery. Just do a quick search for videos on your device (Make/Model).
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