Asus laptop display dimm(solved)


Feb 13, 2015
Hello guys,a couple of weeks ago my laptop screen went black,aparentely for no reason.(not complete but very dark)(AsusZ53S)display is very dimm.googleing the web i found what would be the posible problem.long story short,i disasemble the screen case,check the inverter with another spare screen(the same result,display very dimm,i can barely see the wallpaper and icons on desktop).At this point i tought it would be a faulty inverter or backlit lamp on the screen.I ordered a new inverter and backlit lamp on ebay and days after that i replace them (replacing backlit lamp is a time consuming task and a pain in the rear to asemble the hole display back).Everything went ok ,i power up the laptop and gues what?no luck at all.Next step was checking the cables between the mobo and display,everything was ok but to be sure i ordered a new one on ebay,replace the old one and nothing changes(same dimm display again).i was running out of ideas what to do next and decide upon boot to check BIOS as well,just in case.Under the power tab i found something interesting,it was the display power saving that was disable and gray out not alowing me to change it.what to do next?after brainstorming a while i decide to upgrade my BIOS using the bios update utility knowing that this can brick my computer if not done properly.everything went smooth and after that i was able to set the display power saving to enable and now is all good.(took me a while and around 90 bucks for all the trouble).this is my adventure in computerland and i wanted to share this whith anyone having the same problem.