Question Asus laptop no charge light, no power

Feb 13, 2021
I bought a ASUS VivoBook F510QA last april and its been running great for me up until two weeks ago. I was watching netflix with my son, it ran out of battery which was expected as it was near bedtime and a good way to say lights out. I went to plug it in and no light, no power, no response of any kind, out of literally nowhere. I have used it for gaming, general use frequently in that time.

The battery was in great shape, held a charge for 4 hours on near max settings, no charging issues at all. The charger has been working great, no hiccups, nothing. Its just dead now for no reason. I have done a hard reset on it multiple times, tried a different charger which was brand new, no lights. The laptop has had no issues at all, not a one, only solution i can find is the hard reset by removing its non removable battery, which I have done several times now. This was entirely out of the blue, it has been functioning perfectly up until its sudden apparent death. No burning electronic smells like something fried, its just a pristine paper weight now.

It might still be under warranty. That means you can send it back for repair. That is what I would advise. I assume there was a light near the connector when you plugged in the charger before. If that is now gone that means either the charger is bad (which you determined is not the case) or something is wrong inside the laptop. Could be a bad power jack. Gently push and hold the connector for several seconds in a few different directions and this may show something. Otherwise, there is nothing you can do. "Resetting" the machine likely has nothing to do with the power light. Something inside is broken.