Asus laptop shows no sign of life


Aug 20, 2016
I have a problem with my Asus laptop X445L. It's already 1.5y.o. So here's how it went bad. Last 5 days ago, while watching movie, it suddenly shut off..but worked fine after pressing the power button. It was not about the battery cause it was fully charged. Same thing happened again while playing dota 2days ago, it suddently shut off but that time won't turn on when power button is pressed. It would only show the Asus logo and loading icon but won't continue. I did it from time to time to the point that no more logo is shown when pressing the power button. At first the indication light for charging is still visible but it isn't now.. Please help. What could be the problem?
Try unplugged, and then hold power button for about 30 seconds, if no joy might contact the manufacturer to see their procedures for a hard reset on your individual model