Question ASUS ROG screen turns black when its too far back

May 23, 2022
my ASUS ROG laptop screen recently started turning black the further back i pushed it. the screen works perfectly fine when its closer, but at that point the screen is towards the keyboard, making it difficult to see.

i dont have any clue why or how to fix this

please hepl
I agree that it is likely a cable problem. Try to find the service manual for your laptop (search on line). That will tell you how to take the laptop apart. Focus on the connection between the motherboard and the display. This is likely a ribbon cable. Carefully check the connection on both ends. Pull/push gently on the cable to see if it is loose. The connectors are rather tricky to disconnect and reconnect so if you are not confident in your abilities, take it to a shop. It may also be the case that the cable has an internal break.That will require a new cable. It is also possible (but unlikely) there is an issue with the connectors. That would be a difficult fix.
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