ASUS ROG - very high temperatures


Aug 3, 2016
Hello everyone,

I've bought an ASUS G551JM about a year ago, and until a couple of days ago, it behaved as it should've.

The problem is, it started heating up really bad about 5 days ago. This problem's been preventing me from playing games such as Dota 2 or Diablo 3 (in my opninion, these games shouldn't be a problem for a GTX 860m and an i7 4710HQ).

While playing Diablo 3, after about 5 minutes, the core clock lowers to about 550 MHz (and the GPU default clock is 1029 MHz), it's temperature sits around 80-82 degrees (celsius), and the CPU has a temperature of about 90 degrees (even though it says: "Usage: 20%").

Even when having only a browser tab open (Chrome - YouTube), the CPU's temperature sits around 80 degrees, and the GPU's around 65.

The laptop has been cleaned thoroughly. The BIOS has been updated from 204 to 205 (which is said to "Update thermal policy").

What could it be? The heatsink? The BIOS update? ...temperature room?
What's the room temp? Might look into changing the thermal compound on the CPU and ensure the fans are all running, if not sure about doing so - check with techie friends/co-workers or take to a shop
Jul 19, 2018

After 5 days, could be your exhaust fan,,, if you have some kind of dust, near your laptop,it could be suck in from under your laptop,,,take care if your surface have dust.try using a air can duster.