ASUS S46C Laptop Blinking Orange Battery Light


Nov 9, 2015
Please help. My ASUS laptop battery show "0% available (plugged in, not charging)" and the battery light keep on blinking. Any ideal, whats going on with my laptop? Any suggestion to solve the problem? Thanks in advance.^^

Does it stay on while it's saying that it has 0% of battery in it? Here are some troubleshooting suggestions that may help in resolving that issue.
- Test the AC adapter first using a multi tester to determine if it's supplying enough voltage to power or charge the laptop.
- Next is to uninstall/reinstall the ACPI battery complaint that can be found in Device Manager. Open Device Manager and to uninstall, right click on that said driver and select Uninstall.
- Reboot your laptop and it should reinstall the driver automatically then observe it.
- Do try and reseat the battery connection (if not built in). Turn the laptop off remove the battery then power it while connected to it's charger. Once on the desktop screen put the battery back in and see if it will charge.
- Finally try another AC adapter just to determine if it's a battery of AC adapter issue.

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