Jun 16, 2019
Spent some time today fixing this issue and couldn't find the solution online so thought I might share it here.

Plugged the laptop into TV via HDMI last night, the colors on the laptop display all turn a nice shade of pink. TV display color is fine.

Google the issue and it seems to be a problem with maybe the cables being loose. Laptop was already have issues with some keys periodically not working, and fan was spinning louder than normal.

So decide to take it apart, noticed right away all the cables are rather loose and detach easily. You would think a laptop marketed as a 2-in-1 would have things attached tighter. Reconnect cables and put it back together, pink screen still persists, but keys work now and fan noise is gone.

Update drivers manually through Intel, restart computer, pink screen still persists. Start shopping for new laptops, when I decide to check out the new Intel Display Command Center it installed, and under the Display tab, go to Color, and there's this handy "Restore Original Colors" button. Press it and voila! Pink shades gone, everything back to normal.

Just wanted to share this story in case anybody runs into the same issue and hopefully I save you some money.
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