ASUS Unexpected Store Exception

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Aug 31, 2015
Help! We're having a problem with my son's new-ish laptop. He had to go to class and I'm hoping to figure out what's wrong.

He has an ASUS that says "Republic of Gamers" with Windows 10 installed. He got an error message that said "Unexpected Store Exception" and then did something to it that caused it to go to a black screen.

Now, when you turn it on it prompts to enter password. After entering the password it goes to another screen that says "HDD Password: Enter User password: Press ESC to Enter Master Password"

When he tries to enter the Master Password, it doesn't work. HIs password works on the first screen, but not the second.

I did a little bit of searching but can't find a similar problem. Is there a chance that whatever he did caused the Master Password to be reset to a factory setting?

I would be very grateful if y'all could help me figure this out. I'm a Mac user, and haven't used Windows in years and years so it's very confusing for me.
Not open for further replies.