ASUS UX31A Slow after Boot for a little bit


Aug 17, 2013
I've got an ASUS UX31A. It's not the most powerful thing. i7 but only 4gb ram.

It's on Windows 10, but I'm pretty sure this issue was still around before the free update when it was on 8.1.

My laptop boots up or wakes from sleep. Then everything is INCREDIBLY slow. Especially Chrome. The only thing I have running at startup are CCleaner and the stuff that came with the Laptop (Asus utilities and whatnot). Using Windows Defender for antivirus.

After probably 5-10 minutes, the computer becomes TOTALLY usable. A nice little laptop. Everything works pretty great. But that first 5-10 minutes after bootup makes me want to bash it against a wall.

Any ideas what could be causing such a slow start, that DOESN'T also make the computer un slow afterwards and also doesn't cause a long actual boot up period... It's just that 5-10 minutes after bootup/wake that is so bad.

OH one other thing... I could be wrong here, but I think the problem is worse when it's waking from sleep. If I just close the lid, then come back to it tomorrow and open the lid, it's much slower than if i had say, just installed an update and rebooted.


Feb 27, 2015
Since this was happening with the original OS I would advice you to format your HD (save all your files) and make a fresh install of Win10 without all the junkware they tend to install
.It will automatically get activated once it connects to the net.


Aug 17, 2013
thanks for all your quick suggestions! I just went ahead and disabled sleep mode since like someone said, it's already kind of fast enough to boot back up anyway. also i disabled the hardware acceleration in chrome and we'll see how that does... i do suspect that CHROME is the source of these issues but then my entire computing life exists in chrome haha, so i gotta figure something out. all this machine is for me is a chromebook that can run Photoshop when i need it haha.

anyway i'm gonna start with these two things and see if it helps.
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