Solved! ASUS Vivobook 15 Motherboard Repair/Swap

Dec 1, 2021
Hey Everyone,

I'm attempting to repair my Fiancé's Laptop for Christmas this year. It's a Vivobook 15 (Model F512D) that comes with a Ryzen 7 3700U CPU. She got it for school at the beginning of the year, and after about a month she spilled wine on it, and has fried the mobo in it. I have found the correct replacement mobo, but they're sold out until who knows when with the current tech shortage.

The problem I'm having now is, I've found a "compatible" mobo for the laptop model this is in stock, but it says it is meant for a Ryzen 3 3200 CPU. My question ultimately is, will this motherboard support my current CPU, or would buying this only be a waste of time, and I should wait for the correct mobo to come in stock? My assumptions are that it is a laptop, meaning the parts it is supposed to be replaced with are 1:1, and if I buy this motherboard, it won't have enough power to support the CPU, or something to that effect.

For some background on me, I work in IT. My day job is working on Dell products for an enterprise system, and have put together quite a few desktops on my own for myself and friends. I've been doing my research, but I feel that at this point I can't find the answers I'm looking for and have turned to forums for some more insight into this issue.

For specifics, the model I need is: 60NB0LZ0-MB1140, but the model I found in stock is: 60NB0LZ0-MB2210.

I would love for this to work so I can have it fixed for her, but I want to make sure there won't be any issues. Thanks for anyone that might be able to help me!
Dec 1, 2021
The CPU is very likely soldered to the motherboard, you should look at the motherboard for sale to see if it has the CPU attached or not.
It definitely does, I completely forgot laptops tend to have the CPU soldered on. This actually makes my decision a lot easier. I’m sure I can get her system working, albeit with a bit slower processing time. Thanks for answering, I’m sure this will work just fine!
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