Question ASUS Won’t Boot After Update

Oct 1, 2019
I scheduled a Windows 10 update last night, and I think it lost power midway through. I opened it this morning, charged it, turned it on... and it will not go beyond the ASUS In Search of Incredible screen and then a flash of like a command prompt before going back to the ASUS ISoI screen.

Holding f9 doesnt seem to work, but I can open the BIOS menu.

I’ve turned it on and off several times with no progress, and I had been having issues with BIOS screen appearing randomly prior to the update.

This laptop is not even 6 months old and has not been dropped much or sketchy downloads or anything like that.
Please let me know how to get around this or what is likely the issue?

BIOS Version: 309
Total Memory: 8192 MB
Intel Core i5-72 00U CPU @ 2.50 GHz
Intel HD Graphics: 620
Serial Number: JBN0CX14552147C

Serial ATA Port 0
Hard Disk (1000GB)
Model: ST1000LM035-1RK172
Serial Number: WL1LS27C

Boot Priority
Windows Boot Manager P0: ST1000LM035-1RK172
Note: If this problem started after an update (or system reinstall), please make sure the laptop is not connected to the internet in any way before you use the following instructions.

Try the following...
  1. Power off the laptop.
  2. Power on the laptop.
  3. As soon as you see the rotating loading circle, press and hold the Power Button until the computer shuts off.
  4. Repeat this process a few times until you see the "Preparing Automatic Repair" screen.
  5. Now you want to let the laptop boot to the "Automatic Repair" screen.
  6. Click "Advanced Options" and then select "Troubleshoot".
  7. Here you want to select "Refresh your PC", if you do not wish to erase data, or "Reset your PC" to erase all data and restore your system.
  8. From here just follow the screen instructions until the recovery is completed.
NOTE: You will need to get into the "Advanced Options" in order to get the "Refresh Option". This choice will keep your data, but any programs installed will be lost.

Do not do a "Reset" as that will wipe all data you have on the laptop.

Another version of this is the following...
  1. Power off the laptop.
  2. Power on the laptop.
  3. When screen turns black, hit F10 and ALT repeatedly until the computer shuts off.
  4. To fix the computer you should choose the second option listed.
  5. When the next screen loads, choose the option "Reset Device".
  6. Now choose which ever type of reset you wish.
  7. Your computer should now restore itself to "Factory Settings".
NOTE: If you get a message saying "Error Resetting Device", then you should have the computer looked at by the manufacturer (if still under warranty) or by a tech.
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