Asus X54HR laptop fan always on at full speed

Apr 18, 2018
Hi guys, two days ago I've bought on ebay this laptop for 70$ on bid. The Laptop fan goes full speed and always on from when I power on untill I power it down :(
The laptop itself is in good condition, the specs are:

  • ■i3
    ■HM65 Chipset
    ■AMD Radeon HD 7470M
I think these are sufficent for my problem (BTW the full specs are here).

I've installed Windows 10 LTSB, this are a list of all the things that I've done, and happens (I try to give to you more info that I can) Fan speed is full and constant all the time:

  • ■The lastest AMD legacy driver makes the display backlit off (I solve this with catalyst 13.4 - not the one on asus website - but I don't understand why this happen, can this be the fan problem?)

    ■I install both the chipset drivers that Windows install with update and the chipset driver that are avaible on asus website.

    ■I try to install *notebook fan control* and the fan is at 200% with 32/38C temp on idle.

    ■I try to install *asus power4gear*

    ■I try to mess with power setting, with all battery saving, and active/passive cooling.

    ■update the lastest bios (no cooling option there)

    ■The laptop was open by me, cleaned and I apply new thermal paste (arctic silver)

    ■Another strange thing is that: if I lowing the brightness throught windows power managment the display became immediatly black, no dim light, nothing, but If I press the hotkey, the brightness works.

    ■windows correctly scale cpu power with the usage, in idle the cpu runs at 700Mhz (full speed is 2,33Ghz)
Nothing seems to work, the fan stay on all the time at the max speed, the air flow is pretty cold, I don't know what else I could do.

Can you advice me a something I could check or something I could do to let the fan working better on windows 10? I think is a software problem, or am I wrong?

thank you in advance
May 20, 2018
Sounds like the fans may be damaged, or the cooler. This can happen when the cooler isn't firmly against the CPU, thus the CPU gets hot, thus the fans speed up, etc. it could be something in the settings as well if your laptop has fan control software. Although it sounds like a physical issue.
Apr 18, 2018

I need to buy a new one :( BTW
Today I've disassembly the laptop again, I firm a screw on cpu that was a little loose, and I found out through a youtube video that on gpu, originally, there was a thermal pad, that I didn't found, so I simply put a thermal paste on both gpu and cpu.

Here's some pics

So i install windows 10 ltsb again. this time with no wifi, so I could install only the driver for the asus website (althought there were no windows 10 driver, I've installed the windows 8 ones).
I've installed: chipset, gpu, atkacpi (i read acpi maybe was necessary) and intel management engine.

these are the temp with hwinfo
(sorry for the photos instead of screenshot but I write from another pc).

As you can see, I have a little bit high temps for idle? maybe? 33/44C? and as you can see also the fan is stuck at 4300RPM...that is insane.

Can be the missing thermal pad?
Does this confirm that the fan is broken?
Do you thing is worth try to install win8 or 7 or a non ltsb version of win10?

thank u
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