Question Audio Around Pool


Dec 24, 2008
Need a solution to undo a ton of jerry rigged setups to have audio around our pool.

We have a pool, with 3 separate seating areas
and 5 speaker around it. We currently have an old receiver and speaker selector. The receiver has no wireless capability, so we are using an old Apple Airplay device to send audio to it, that works occasionally.

What I would like to do is simplify the number of pieces of gear, and add wireless.

I would like to have a receiver with bluetooth audio, and also have the ability to pipe the audio for the Chiefs games over the speakers around the pool. But I would like to be able to turn the audio OFF to certain areas if they dont want to listen to the game. If that makes sense.

So just bbe able to play audio from our phones to the receiver, and isolate sound to certain areas. Without a crazy expensive receiver with multi-zone options.

Looking for the cheapest way to do this within reason.
Getting a new receiver, with bluetooth built in, will only eliminate the outboard BT receiver and the built in one may not have enough range to pick up your phone if that's outside.
If the receiver you have does the job then get a long range bluetooth receiver and use the speaker selector to turn off the speakers you don't want to hear.
Connecting the audio output of the device that plays Chiefs games to the receiver (ie TV, cable, box) will depend on what type of audio output it has and what type of inputs the receiver has. You may need an adaptor or converter to connect them.
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