Audio Cassette to CD

Mike Rog

Feb 5, 2009
Really want to transfer cassette tapes/LPs to CD. Want to avoid using a PC/Nero etc., to do this. Can a cassette deck, RCA cables and a CD or DVD home stereo player/burner do this?
Burning songs to CD, creating tracks on the CD, like commercial CDs would be nice; to play just one song if wanted.

Are there any publications on this procedure?



It's relatively easy to transfer from cassette to a "standalone" CD Recorder. I have two Philips CD Recorder decks and a Sony. But I would not recommend investing in this type of hardware.
1) For some reason, the decks seem remarkably unreliable.
2) They require special "Audio" CD-R discs -- which cost maybe five times the price of data CD-R.
3) The decks themselves are very expensive -- £200 in the UK (or around $300).

A better solution is to use a computer with a built-in CD/DVD-Writer and a program such as Audacity.

You connect a cassette deck's line output to the input socket of the computer's sound circuitry and (after some messing about selecting the source in Windows and setting levels in Audacity) you can create individual tracks as WAV files which can then be burned to a Data CD-R which will play on any CD player (you can also save tracks as MP3 files for use in a portable player).

You'll have to wait for an answer as to whether you can use a DVD recorder for this purpose -- as I have no experience of those.